Song Assignment #36: Cover your fav childhood TV theme song

Apparently the secret of Song Assignment is using child labor, as Vladimir Lad & Hannah got over 80% of the vote last time out. Victory! Thanks everyone. Hannah’s keen for a comeback, so fans should look out for future material 🙂

This week we had a request from Alison for us to cover our fav kids TV theme songs. So we did. Linds has gone with a classic, Dave has gone…weird…



Song Assignment #35: School

So we totally missed out last week’s Song Assignment – our bads. The ‘write and record a 1min song in no longer than 10mins’ SA voting results were a draw, so that’s nice. Thanking you if you voted.

This week we chose school. Vladimir Lad becomes a duo for this one as 4 year old Hannah joins to help bolster his chances of winning. See what you think of both efforts…


Song Assignment #34: 1 in 10

Lindsay won last weeks voting, which was Leah’s suggestion of reworking a traditional folk song. Thank’s y’all.

This week we’ve been rushing around and chose a theme to suit – a 1 minute song composed and recorded in no more than 10 minutes. Oh yes.